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What Balderrie Does (Top)

Balderrie Energies, GmbH, is a Swiss registered company, with a German-registered sister company, EZ-Energies GmbH. The companies are mainly active in Europe and the Middle East and countries of the Arabian peninsula.

Balderrie and EZ-Energies are specialized in developing applications based on current and next generation energy technologies, with a special focus on electro-ceramics, a family of energy generation and storage devices that includes Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Sodium-ion ceramic batteries of the Zebra type (NaNiCl.)

Applications include micro Combined Cold, Heat & Power services (mCCHP) utilizing both highly efficient internal combustion engine (ICE) technology operating at over 90% energy efficiency; advanced electro-ceramics; beam-down Concentrated Solar Power for thermal energy storage, and the most efficient, cheapest and fastet to deploy CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery (SOFC-CO2-EOR) and CO2-Enhanced Coal-Bed Methane Recovery (SOFC-CO2-ECBMr) technologies.

Electro-ceramic activities are undertaken in partnership with two leading companies in their domain:

  1. SOFCpower s.a.l., based in Trento, Italy and Yverdon, Switzerland, is the European leader in developing and manufacturing next-generation SOFC technology. SOFCpower's stacks have been tested at the highest electric efficiency of any SOFC --or indeed of any electricity generator-- available today. The company's price per kW of electric capacity requires no government subsidies to generate profits at grid-parity prices. Balderrie and EZ-Energies hold a minority shareholding in SOFCpower.
  2. FIAMM, headquartered in Montecchio, Italy, is the world-leader in automotive starter batteries and components, and through its FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions division and FIAMM-Sonick company, is the world's largest manufacturer of Zebra batteries at a plant located in Stabio, Switzerland.

Balderrie and EZ-Energies have distribution, manufacturing and R&D partnerships with FIAMM-Sonick (, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (, and SOFCpower (

R&D in Thermal Energy Storage

EZ-Energies has a joint R&D program with KACST and Teknelios to develop a highly efficient fluidized-bed, thermal energy storage system based on beam-down concentrated solar power. The system's efficiency is substantially superior to alternative thermal energy storage methods such as molten salt. A pilot installation is under construction. It's due to be unveiled to the public at KACST's Riyadh premises in the first quarter of 2014.

Advisory Services

Balderrie is also specialized in sovereign and corporate consulting services and project finance. Services include energy efficiency, the establishment of national carbon reduction and financing policies and systems, and programs to develop a domestic automotive development and manufacturing program.

Advisory services clients include the Saudi Ministry of Water and Electricity (, King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology ( and the National Petrochemical Insutrial Company ( in the industrial city of Yanbu', Saudi Arabia.

Balderrie has established an exclusive partnership in Saudi Arabia with Meteocontrol, the leading European company in renewable energy plant management and certification, based in Aubsburg, Germany. Services offered include certification and remote management and optimization services in support of the Saudi Government's ambitious program to deploy more than 54 GW of renewable energy plants within the next 20 years.

Balderrie and Meteocontrol's services maximize the performance of renewable energy systems, principally PV power. They include Manufacturer Auditing, Yield Reports, Technical Due Diligence, Construction Supervision and Acceptance, Systems Rating, Solar Monitoring, Precise Irradiance Data including Week-Ahead Predictive Irradiation Services, and complete O&M Services coupled with guaranteed yield levels.

An integrated, Comprehensive Approach (Top)

Balderrie has developed an integrated, comprehensive strategy to invest in projects that addresse the world's urgent need for moving to a sustainable energy consumption while reducing the emission of Greenhouse Gases and other local pollutants, in some cases down to zero. This is accomplished under socio-economic development approach that utilizes the latest Cleantech/Greentech technologies and systems that do not require subsidies to be commercially highly profitable, while resulting in notable reductions in the cost of energy incurred by consumers.

Under Balderrie's deployment models, the same Sodium-ion battery that's used as part of a hybrid micro Combined Cold, Heat and Power (mCHP) installation is also used in Megawatt-scale stationary electricity storage, grid stabilization and regulation clusters.

Without such battery storage, buffer and stabilization systems, Saudi Arabia's renewable energy program cannot deliver the full benefits that the authorities anticipate in terms of a vitally crucial, substantial reduction in domestic fuel consumption. Any delay or reduction in this program's scope risks leading Saudi Arabia to become a net oil importer well before the end of the 21st Century's fifth decade.

Another integrated application example of the same technology in different domains: the same SOFC technology utilized to provide ultra-efficient heat and power in micro Combined Cold Heat & Power mode, also is the source of the pure CO2 utilized in EOR and ECBM applications.

This integrated, comprehensive model is future & recession proof. It produces the cheapest, fastest, most profitable, beneficial and efficacious socio-economic, job and business creating investment model that individuals, corporations and governments can adopt today in the clean and sustainable energy sectors.

In the case of CO2-EOR and ECBM, utilizing the SOFC to provide the necessary CO2 also produces a substantial reduction in project risk: on day one of the project, electricity sales generate sufficient revenues to cover the CO2-EOR/ECBM equipment cost profitably. Any additional profits from the sale of CO2 and/or additional oil or gas produced with the help of the CO2 only serves to boost project IRR significantly.

Additional Info (Top)

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